Older and Wiser

I spend every July evaluating my glorious life. So today, going into my 51st year of life on this planet:

  1. I’m evaluating my perspective – My goal is to always broaden my perspective. From the ground, we see things one way. From a tree, we gain a whole new perspective. My goal is to climb as many trees (and mountains) as possible so that how I see the world is always expanding.
  2. I’m evaluating my fundamental values – Fewer things are more important to me than knowing my values because they inform my decisions. If my interactions with others, with nature, and with the planet are inconsistent with my values, then I am not being true to myself. And what could be more heartbreaking than going through life as your own shadow?
  3. I’m evaluating my motives – knowing my motives keeps my spirit free of clutter. If I have taken upon myself actions that are motivated by hubris, fear, jealousy, or anything other than my values, then I am obligated to cease and desist. It is a wonderful thing to unsaddle myself of burdens that are not meant for me to bear.

I’m 51 today! I am here in this life for a minuscule spark of time, and I alone must decide how I will spend my spark. I can spend it trying to burn others or I can spend it trying to light up the whole, bloomin’ universe. Guess what! You already know.