Yesterday’s Headline: Three Slaves Plan Escape, Thwarted

Reporter: Frederick Douglass

Yesterday’s Story, 1845
I stepped to the door, and inquired what they wanted. They at once seized me, and without giving me any satisfaction, tied me – lashing my hands closely together. I insisted upon knowing what the matter was… In a few moments, they succeeded in tying John. They then turned to Henry, who had by this time returned, and commanded him to cross his hands. “I won’t!” said Henry, in a firm tone, indicating his readiness to meet the consequences of his refusal. “Won’t you?” Said Tom Graham, the constable. “No, I won’t!” Said Henry, in a still stronger tone. With this, two of the constables pulled out their shining pistols, and swore, by their Creator, that they would make him cross his hands or kill him. Each cocked his pistol, and, with fingers on the trigger, walked up to Henry, saying, at the same time, if he did not cross his hands, they would blow his damned heart out. “Shoot me, shoot me!” Said Henry; “you can’t kill me but once. Shoot, shoot, – and be damned! I won’t be tied!” This he said in a tone of loud defiance; and at the same time, with a motion as quick as lightning, he with one single stroke dashed the pistols from the hand of each constable. As he did this, all hands fell upon him, and, after beating him some time, they finally overpowered him, and got him tied. (Douglass 59)

Today’s Comments
TrendyCupcakes412: first!
MayB2daytoo8: Wow! All of that, and his ass still got tied. LMAO!!!
KimberCanasta22: First of all, we don’t even know the whole story. I’m sure the police didn’t just show up at his door for no reason. What did he do… That’s the question!!!!!!!
Chubby_Checkmate_: Summary – Black thug resists arrest. Assaults officers. Gets ass kicked. Blames cops. Get ready for the BLM riots.
Mt. KillamonGerald: @KimberCanasta22, Uh, did you even read the headline. They were planning to escape, which was a crime!
BigNate_: him and his niggas was trying to get away from yall slaving raping colonizing demon ass mothafuckas. foh
Pamprdp$$y: Prayers going up!!!!!
Mt. KillamonGerald: @BigNate_, It was still illegal. Ever hear of the runaway slave act? Try reading a book. They had every right to be arrested. Slavery being right or wrong is beside the point. Back then, it was the law, and slaveholders had every legal right to protect their investments.
MayB2daytoo8: So these 3 blacks had their room and board paid plus food and clothing allotments. Literally handouts on top of handouts. All they had to do was earn their keep. Here’s a tip, black people – try working for a change, and stop expecting people to give you stuff.
Pamprdp$$y: It’s a blessing they didn’t kill him. Let’s keep his family in prayer. Praise G-d. Won’t He do it!!!
Chad_Berkenstromm: @Mt. KillamonGerald, I think the Fugitive Slave Act is what you’re reaching for, and, no, the right or wrong of slavery is not beside the point. It is exactly the point.
Mt. KillamonGerald: @Chad_Berkenstromm, care to explain, genius?
J Johnsen H0wie: I’m sick and tired of my people playing the race card. Just last week, I was stopped by my local law enforcement officer, and when he asked, “Where you goin’ boy?” I answered honestly and respectfully. After calling for back up and for a canine unit, the kind officer searched me and my vehicle (which I consented to because I had nothing to hide, and he was just doing his job). After two hours and a thorough investigation, I was on my way with only a few scratches. MY PEOPLE, we need to do better. Everything is not about race!
Chad_Berkenstromm: @Mt. KillamonGerald, Cliven Bundy!
Mt. KillamonGerald: @Chad_Berkenstromm, hey asshole, the federal government has no right managing public land!!!
BigNate_: @J Johnsen H0wie, you ain’t got no people you coon ass mothafucka!!! Go somewhere and bust yoself in the head with a brick.
Chad_Berkenstromm: @Mt. KillamonGerald, The right or wrong of it is beside the point; it’s the law. Your words, not mine. Thanks for proving my point.
Adamandevenotadamandst3ve: How is it that 2 officers with pistols could hardly take this guy down as in “finally overpowered him…” He was obviously hopped up on some serious drugs.
Mt. KillamonGerald: @Chad_Berkenstromm, I bet you want open borders too, you liberal asshole!
KimberCanasta22: @J Johnsen H0wie, Thank you for being a model citizen and an asset to this country. I would be proud to have you in my neighborhood.
BigNate_: @KimberCanasta22, you aint got no mothafuckin neighborhood. i hate yall mothafuckas always claiming shit
StarSpangledDana6: From what I can tell, the police officers were actually being respectful. Henry is the one who was resisting and then he reached for their service revolvers. Are you kidding me??? If they killed him, it would’ve been totally justified.
Pamprdp$$y: America needs to get back to G-d. The scripture says, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chr. 7:14
KimberCanasta22: This ain’t even about race, it’s about respecting authority. Show some respect for the officers that put their lives on the line for your safety every day. I would like to personally thank Constable Graham and his partner for their hard work. Back the Blue!
J Johnsen H0wie: @BigNate_, Your ad hominem attack says more about you than it does me.
Call Me Twitzler: Soooo, we just gon act like somebody named pampered pu$$y ain’t out here throwin the holy scriptures around? Y’all ain’t shit!!! LOL

BigNate_: @J Johnsen H0wie, kiss my ass you uncle ruckus mothafucka
MayB2daytoo8: @BigNate_, Hey dude, are you related to Samuel L. Jackson?
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BigNate: @MayB2daytoo8, FUCK YOU MOTHAFUCKA
StarSpangledDana6: @adamandevenotadamandst3ve, Exactly! And blacks always want to make their big scary thugs the victim. And before anyone calls me a racist, my stepmom is an octoroon.
Chad_Berkenstromm: If we want to end police brutality and the egregiously disproportionate rate at which unarmed black citizens are killed with impunity, then the penal system in this country must go.
Adamandevenotadamandst3ve: @Chad_Berkenstromm, Uh-oh, your white guilt is showing.

Douglass, Frederick. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, Written by Himself. Edited by William L Andrews and William S McFeely, W.W. Norton & Company, 1997.