Be Happy!

You know what I heard a lot of growing up? Life is not meant to be easy. Know what else I heard? If things are going too smoothly, the devil might be involved. For he never makes trouble for those he already owns.
Funny, isn’t it? We live in a society that values struggle. It values brokenness. It feeds off of “rags to riches” but never “riches to riches,” unless somewhere in between there is a catastrophic and very public fall from grace. Society doesn’t want you having something that it decides you haven’t suffered or worked hard enough for. It wants your success story to be rooted in a sob story. It wants to hear that you succeeded but only after you’ve failed 500 times. It relishes in your stint on skid row eating out of dumpster. It enjoys your tumble from the top and by some stroke of boot-strap genius, that you’ve clawed your way back up again.
Here’s a tip: Just because society wants blood doesn’t mean you have to give it to them. You get to decide what gives your journey value. If you’ve convinced yourself that blood, sweat, and tears are required for you to be happy, then guess what… blood, sweat, and tears will be required for you to be happy. But it doesn’t have to be. You can unplug from society’s narrative and redefine your own value points. There is no guilt in being happy and no guilt in enjoying the journey.
Change your thinking, change your life!