The Gray In Between

Hopelessness is a perspective, which is to say: Just because you feel hopeless doesn’t mean it is hopeless. There’s something about this time of year that ushers in the doldrums. The magic of the holiday season has passed, and the beauty of spring has not yet sprung. The gray in between can leave us feeling a little more than uninspired. But guess what! There’s a cure for those blues. It’s called change.

If you’re feeling blue, even small, seemingly insignificant changes can add some color to your current situation. If you usually wake up at 6, set your alarm for 6:04. If you drink coffee in the morning, have a cup of tea instead. Find some way to change your routine… because in change, there is newness, and in newness there is hope.

Here are 6 simple ways to take the blues out of the gray in between:

  1. Buy a small plant for your desk, kitchen window, bedside… Spend time each day nurturing it. Tip: Grab some hyacinth (or another fragrant blossom) when it’s in bloom and treat yourself to some aromatherapy.
  2. Spend some time at a window in your house that you normally don’t use. For example, an upstairs east-facing window offers a different perspective from a downstairs north-facing window.
  3. Try a new fruit or vegetable. Dragon fruit comes to mind.
  4. Fly a kite! Literally. Kite season is right around the corner. If you can’t fly a kite yourself, go where children are flying kites, and feel your spirit soar.
  5. Draw something (a flower, a fish, a tree…) with your non-dominant hand. Practice until you become somewhat proficient.
  6. Leave the house a bit early, and take the scenic route to work.

It may seem like these little changes won’t amount to anything, but remember The Butterfly Effect: Change one thing, change everything!

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