Ask Me Anything!

It’s always nice to share a little about myself with those who read my blog. Here are 10 questions from my readers and my succinct answers to them. Honestly, I could’ve written an essay on each question. You can thank me later.

How did you know writing was your passion? Sky Wisdom

Imagine asking an eagle, “How did you know that flying was your passion?” Well, it’s kinda the same difference. Writing is an instinctual, almost involuntary way of getting myself from point A to point B. Whenever something captures my attention, I’m already thinking of the words, symbols, and metaphors I might use to write about it and thus process it. If I experienced something and couldn’t write about it, I would be a grounded eagle. So I don’t know exactly how I knew; I think I just opened my eyes knowing.

Of all the things you know now, which do you wish you knew in your high-school years? Nora B.

I wish I knew that there was no inherent value in suffering, which is to say that suffering for suffering’s sake is not a virtue. We live in a culture that values suffering. We believe that after we’ve suffered “enough” then, and only then, have we earned the right for good things to happen to us. As a kid, I was taught that Jesus Christ suffered, that there is beauty in suffering, and that we should consider ourselves blessed if we suffer, for the more we suffer, the greater our reward in heaven, to which I now say, “Pthh!” (that’s me making a fart sound.) So if I knew back then what I know now, I would have found peace and contentment much earlier in life.

If you could get the answer to one of your most pressing questions, what would you ask? Shanon W.

What is dark matter? It takes up a quarter of our universe, yet we can’t see it. It’s like discovering that your five-room house has 25 extra rooms that you can’t see. These extra rooms are not made of wood, stone, or metal. Neither are they made of neutrons, electrons, and protons. As a matter of fact, they are not made of any material known to man. Then how do we know these extra rooms are really there? For one, their gravity is affecting the surrounding property in a way that your small, five-room house can’t even hazard. Fascinating!

What do you see yourself doing in 21 years? Natalie C.

In 21 years, I see myself retired from my nine to five, and not being bound by a clock. I don’t see myself doing anything too much differently than I’m doing now, just more of it and on my own time.  So… reading, writing, reminiscing with good friends, healing one of my bloodlines, and making sure I’ve paid all of my spiritual debts so that I can die well. Hmmm, that shifted gears rather quickly.

Where does your motivation come from, and what inspires you to write? Pat W.

I am motivated by other people’s experiences. I enjoy listening to stories of how seemingly random and coincidental things came together for people while pursuing their dreams. But when it comes to inspiration, it’s my own experiences that inspire me. Sometimes my journals read like novels, and because I am an avid and meticulous journaler, I am able to see how all the little puzzle pieces of my life that seemed insignificant at the time have come together to form a bigger picture. Seeing (and understanding) how I’ve gotten to where I am inspires me… fills me with wisdom, too, and gives me plenty to write about.

What are your top 3 ensemble movies? Mea P.

  1. The Color Purple (Oprah, Lawrence Fishburn, Danny Glover, Whoopi)
  2. Harlem Nights (Er’body and ney’mama)
  3. Ocean’s Eleven (George Clooney, Bernie Mac, Don Cheadle, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon) ties with Cloud Atlas (Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Susan Sarandon, Tom Hanks)

How would you describe yourself? Doshia J.

This question, which seems so simple, has been the most difficult to answer.

Every fall, there is that one leaf, on that one tree, that refuses to let go, and each day I look out the window to see if the wind has come like the angel of death and coaxed it into the light. With each sunrise, I fall deeper in love with the leaf, the tree, and the wind because I see myself in all three. I love being alive on this beautiful, savage planet. And then… on other occasions… I hate this fucking planet and can’t wait to see it in my rearview mirror (shrugs). A friend once told me, I have never met someone so grounded yet so completely above it all. So in very broad strokes, that is how I would describe myself: grounded and above it… at the same damn time. I’ll leave you to define the it.

Do you miss being a nurse since you’ve changed careers? Camille B.

No, I can’t say that I do. Something that I’m really good at is knowing when it’s time to say goodbye. Whether it’s a relationship, a career choice, an affiliation… once it run its course, which is a natural process of personal evolution, I have no qualms parting ways and moving forward with no regrets.

What do you miss and not miss about Hammond? Cindy R.

Interestingly, I miss very little. People generally have a fondness for where they grew up, but Hammond holds no magic for me beyond my family and friends who still live there. I have great memories, but they are attached to the people, not so much the place.

You have always had a quiet imagination. Tell me about that. Aunt Betty S.

I’m sure my quiet imagination is part and parcel of my being a writer, but I also believe that there is essence and degrees of consciousness in everything, not just in people. As such, I form relationships with not only human people but also with animal people, plant people, mineral people, and elemental people. Some would refer to this as imagination, but for me, it’s a very normal and practical way of life. When people say to me, “You don’t say much,” I think, Yeah, I really do, just not always to human people and not always with my mouth. I’ve been known to greet a zephyr with a sigh and a smile, which translates to, I’ve missed you, my darling. Welcome back!

Thank you to those who took time to send questions. In an effort to keep this post from becoming too lengthy, I’ve limited it to 10 questions. If you do not see your question, never fear! I will answer it in the next round.