About Nancy

I’m a writer, an educator, and somewhere in a parallel universe, a sexy pool-hall hustler. But enough about you and your wanton fantasies; let’s talk about me.

I was born in Gary, Indiana, a small, steel town on the shores of Lake Michigan just outside of Chicago. I currently call Atlanta home and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

What I Do

I was born with a penchant for verbal expression, and writing is my superpower. Most of what I do, from my nine-to-five to my organizational affiliations, centers on writing.  Words fascinate me. Each one is a musical note with its own pitch and timbre, and when I write, I choose and arrange my words not only for meaning but also for rhythm and energy. In this sense, I write prose much like a composer writes music.

My work has been published in Atlanta INtownMeditations for the Bereaved and in intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine. I have also guest blogged for intima’s Crossroads Blog (Abstract Art and Other Such Persons), and for Kathy Pooler’s Memoir Writer’s Journey (A Tale of Two Men), also included HERE. I won my first major writing award when I was 10 for my essay on President Woodrow Wilson. The competition was sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Additionally, I placed ninth (out of over 19,000 submissions) in the Writer’s Digest  Fiction Competition and in 2012, won a GAYA (Georgia Author of the Year Award) for my memoir, The Truth About Butterflies. Doing what I love and loving what I do has led to a life that is consistently rewarding.

Alma Mater

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in communication (cum laude), a Master of Art in Professional Writing (MAPW), and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Ethics. I am a proud and active alumna of Kennesaw State University. Go, Owls!

About This Blog

I am a mystic at heart. My quest for meaning lingers at the intersection of reality, spirituality, and the nature of consciousness. I blog to share my perspectives on these and other topics, but also to share my experiences of the transcendent and the mundane, two beautiful subjects that are often indistinguishable.

Links to Publications and Referenced Work

-The Truth About Butterflies
-A Gary Girl’s Guide to Good
-“Of Birds & Mice”
-“Storytelling: A Way to Gain Perspective on Past Traumas” by Cheryl Shore ARNP (Referenced)
-“A Child’s Grief When a Parent Dies: A Reflection” by Jennifer Chianese (Referenced)
-“peeps: Nancy Stephan” an interview on self-publishing